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        Firm Logo
        Roberts & Roberts, LLP

        2501 E. Elms Rd., Ste. A, Killeen, TX 76542-3019 • (254) 526-7541 (phone) • (254) 526-5656 (fax) • www.

        Real Estate

        Roberts & Roberts is one of Central Texas' most respected transactional real estate law firms. When it comes to Texas real estate law, we know what works because we are routinely involved in all aspects of real estate transactions. Our clients include owners, buyers, property managers, lenders, realtors, title companies, contractors, builders, landlords, and even governmental entities. When you need a Texas real estate lawyer四川福彩app下载 we're ready to help you with a broad range of real estate matters, including: residential and commercial sales and construction agreements, options, letters of intent, rights of first refusal, leases, easements, seller-financing, title insurance, releases, mortgage lending and 四川福彩app下载 equity issues, modifications and refinancing, assumptions, boundary agreements, restrictive covenants, 四川福彩app下载owner's associations, clearing title, foreclosures, and mechanic's liens.

        Downloads. Download files related to real estate law.

        Transfer on Death Deeds. A new way of conveying land that may avoid probate.

        Contracts for Deed in Texas. Once a popular means of selling land, contracts for deed are falling out of favor.

        Options & Rights of First Refusal. Tools for buyers to lock in a purchase opportunity without committing to the deal.

        The Basics of Restrictive Covenants. Often overlooked, restrictions can profoundly impact a property owner's rights.

        How to Add Someone to a Deed. A discussion about one of our most frequently asked questions.

        Adverse Possession in Texas. An introduction to the law of "squatter's rights."

        Deeds in Texas. Important information about the various kinds of deeds, including the dangers of a "Quick Claim."

        四川福彩app下载 Equity Loans. An overview of 四川福彩app下载 equity loans and the unique protections afforded by Texas law.

        Title Insurance Basics. Helpful information about title insurance and how it can benefit you.

        Introduction to Title Commitments. Tips for making sure you get the land title coverage you really want.

        Real Estate Law in Divorce. Is your family lawyer四川福彩app下载 covering the bases when it comes to dividing the real estate?

        Mechanic's Liens in Texas. A primer on the basic law and procedure to help you secure your right to payment when you furnish labor or materials for use in a construction project.

        Introduction to Texas 四川福彩app下载stead Law. An primer on what constitutes 四川福彩app下载stead and the effect of 四川福彩app下载stead status under Texas law.

        How-To: For Sale By Owner. A guide to selling your own 四川福彩app下载.